A Tribute to Taxonomy Update

Check out the Biodiversity Heritage Library!  Great resource! https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/

Hibernation, cohabitation and other lessons in surviving the winter

As I sit bundled up on the couch drinking my hot coffee and writing this blog, blizzard Jonas rages outside my apartment in north Jersey. As the wind blows the snow off the roof in gusts, Newark, normally bustling, is silent, no signs of life.  Everyone must be holed up inside, hopefully enjoying a leisurely […]

Where recreation ecologists spend their summer vacation

We enjoy hiking and getting out in nature, but how can we be sure our recreation is not leading to environmental deterioration? This week on the Eco Tome, guest blogger and recreation ecologist, Ashley D’Antonio, explains how she is trying to understand how outdoor recreation affects the environment. Where recreation ecologists spend their summer vacation By […]

Fund me!

Money has been on my mind a lot lately. It is hard not to think about. Need a plan to make money. Need a job to make money. Need someone to give me money! At this point you may think I have a lavish lifestyle or a really bad habitat. Really it is neither, it […]

Innovations of 2015: CRISPR and gene drive systems used in reducing malaria transmission

There are many achievements in science and technology that deserve celebration from 2015, and also provide a hopeful and optimistic outlook for 2016. Some of these achievements include the successful landing of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket after being launched into space, progress toward developing an Ebola vaccine, and progress in developing protocols to use stem […]

Phylogeny of elves finds that santa’s workers are actually dwarves

Abstract This study reconstructs the evolutionary tree of elves using 26 life history, morphological, behavioral, and magical characters. Notably, we include christmas elves, J.K. Rowling’s elves, and the elves of The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. Our findings suggest that christmas elves should not be classified as elves but are actually more closely […]

The 2015 Paris Climate Summit Agreement: A matter of degrees

The Climate Summit in Paris ended Dec 12 amid global fanfare and nearly as widespread skepticism, for the historic agreement. The fanfare celebrates the Paris Agreement (see here for the document itself and here for a synopsis), the first (ever!) universal agreement to address climate change. This agreement, many suggest, signals a turning point in global recognition […]

The Perks of Winter Birding

Bundle up and grab your binoculars. Winter is coming. For someone who wrote her dissertation on the topic of bird ecology, I’m not the world class birder you might expect. I’m not great at memorizing songs, I’m a slave to my field guide, and I am convinced that anyone who claims they can instantaneously distinguish […]

The path to becoming a scientist

Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is upon us. This time of the year can be busy and quite exhausting with all of life’s obligations. I always try to set aside a day away from the rigors of modern life, especially when things get hectic. My preference is take a long solitary hike in […]

Happy Thanksgiving: A little about the ecology of wild turkeys

Everyone knows what a turkey is from the first few Thanksgivings they can remember. It is the giant cooked bird that sits at the head of the table.  It is delicious, usually stuffed with some kind of stuffing, and delicious with gravy and mashed potatoes. However, there is much more to these wary ground-dwelling birds […]